Visitor economy

The kinds of tourism projects that are likely to attract funding will be those developing high quality visitor products and services that link tourism providers, extend the tourism season and encourage visitors to stay.

Who can apply:

Examples of the type of activities that could be funded are set out below.  For detailed information about eligibility criteria, the amount of funding you can apply for and how to submit an application please refer to the Lindsey Action Zone Applicant Handbook.

What is eligible:

Costs could include:

What isn’t covered:

In addition to the standard list of ineligible costs which can’t be claimed (see Applicant Handbook, Pages 5 and 6) the following costs are not eligible under Tourism:

Potential applicants should also ensure that their project does not conflict with the Greater Lincolnshire Destination Management Plan

Contact Details

For further information, please contact:-


1) Check if your project is located in the Lindsey Action Zone (Open Map)

2) Download and read the Applicant Handbook

3) Check the application submission dates

4) Complete an Outline Application Form (see guidance notes)

5) Submit to

If you are unsure if your project is eligible for funding please email your contact details and query to us and a member of the Funding Team will be in touch with you.

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